What our Customers are Saying About

Mom and Pop Raised Puppies. . .

George (Fengfeng)

Fengfeng is a great puppy. His personality is one of a kind. He loves to play and is full of energy. He is very smart too. By the time he was 3 months old he could on command sit,laydown,shake,and high five. He has been a great addition to our family. Thank you Willard and family. Henderson family.

Jason & Yufeng Henderson
George now FengFeng.

Zory (now Zoey)

Zory, now Zoey is busy learning the rules of her new home. She is so sweet and loving,and well adjusted. She is a perfect pooch. We couldn't ask for a better dog. Thank You Mom and Pops! You are # 1. We are so glad we found you on-line.

Patricia Dix

What a momma's boy!

We brought our little man home almost a year ago. He filled a void in our lives from the loss of our previous dog. He has the fastest tongue in the west! Full of kisses and rare to keep me out of his site ... What a faithful little guy to me and his adopted sister Gemma. Never a dull moment. Thank you for our fur baby! Close to home breeders and very personable to work with.

Jeanette Womack

The filler of love

Willard and Janetta,thank you! Sarah,our Winnie is the absolute best. From her color to health to personality our family and extended family is in awe of the blessing of this pooch. She had filled a live in our hearts we didn't know was there! Her veterinarian loves her poo bear too! An easy check to say "one good looking dog". Mom and pop raised puppies will remain the top choice for us and antibes looking for guidance.

Thank you for our little joy bell
Chelsea, Andrew, Logan Longmate

Arwin aka Winnie

From Ohio to NYC!

Our puppy arrived safe and sound after his flight and we were so impressed by how well he adjusted to his new home! George was renamed Big and he's a cute, adorable, lovely little guy! He loves his food, loves to play with his toys (and with our hands and feet!), loves to take a nap and he changed our lives for the better.
Willard and Janetta are responsible breeders, always ready to answer our questions and we were so glad we found them online. We are in love with Big! Thanks Willard and Janetta!

Sergio and Leda

Oreo is the most loving puppy

My family and I are so glad to have Oreo in our family. He is full of love and energy.

Susan Luderman

Most loving puppy ever!

I just wanted to let you and everyone know what a sweet, loving, little bundle of joy Oreo is. I thank you for taking such good care of him until I was able to adopt him. He has brought so much joy into our family. My other dog Princess loved him instantly. They get along great. My husband, daughters and I all love to watch him romp and play in our home. I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a puppy anyday. Thank You for all you have done in giving us a wonderful puppy.

Susan Luderman

Susan Luderman

Henry (Dakota)

We received our English Bulldog puppy after searching for the right one for two years. We had some unfortunate problems getting one from the breeder we had selected through no fault of either party. We found Henry and knew he was the one we wanted but were concerned about having him fly across country to our home. We did not know what to expect. When Henry arrived it was clear he had been well cared for. We brought him to our vet the next day, and she was very impressed with how well he looked and how socialized he seemed. He has been the perfect puppy. Healthy as can be and very responsive to potty training. He's working on getting our labs to like him, and he already has that taken care of with our kids and ourselves. I would not hesitate to adopt another puppy from here. I've raised many puppies and several rescue dogs. I've worked with many breeders over the years. You are definitely dealing with someone who cares very much about breeding healthy dogs. Thank you for our precious new family member, Henry.


My Best Friend!


I just wanted to thank you for raising a precious little guy that I now get to have and love forever. I have had Tyler now for 2 weeks and absolutely adore him. He's in great health, very active and loving and is a huge cuddle bug. I have now named him Bowser and couldn't ask for a better little guy. I love him and can't thank you enough for my best friend!

Tanya Lopez

We love our little Eliot

Stormy (now Eliot) entered our family on December 15th, 2014. From the get go he has been incredibly loving, smart, cuddly, and loyal - everything we were promised! It is clear that he was very socialized and attended to as a young puppy, and for that we are thankful. Eliot is a wonderful addition to our family and we could not be happier with him and his health.

Thank you so much for effectively raising Eliot his first 12 weeks of life.

Alexis Fowler

Alexis Fowler
Stormy (now Eliot)

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that we got Windy (now Rocky) yesterday and he is in great shape.  He's a very handsome and polite boy and has obviously been raised in a very loving and social home!  I have 9 year old twins and I can tell he loves little boys.  He had a great (and very calm) night last night and will visit the vet today.

Thanks for sending us our new favorite little man!

Have a great day!

Jennifer Knox

Sunnie Girl is our Sunshine baby girl

We are so happy with our Sunnie Girl. Sunnie is a very active little girl who loves running, playing and enjoying quality time with our kids. Sunnie Girl was brought into our home Nov 22, 2014 the moment we saw her was love at first sight. Sunnie is such a loving and happy girl we know she came from a great home and was loved and cared for very much.
Thamk you for making us happy parents

Oscarine Gelman
Sunnie Girl

Everything was Handled in a Professional Manner

We got Lucy Lou (Autumn) last Saturday (11/01/14) and love her to death. Everything was handled in a professional manner and took place exactly as we were told it would. Thanks for taking such good care of Lucy till she found a home with us!

Wayne and Susan Combs

Wayne Combs
Autumn (Lucy Lou)

Abe (Bentley)

We picked up Abe yesterday and we are in love! We call him Bentley and he is smart, energetic and adorable. We will love him forever and always.

Thank you for weening and caring for him so perfectly.

Marjorie Corkin Kaplan

We are so thrilled to have our sweet little Daisy! She is both loving and full of puppy antics that keep us engaged and having fun! We can tell she came from a good home because she is very social, enjoying time with adults, children and other dogs, and very smart. She has learned multiple commands already and is house trained to the best of her little bladder's ability at 10 weeks old. Her sweet face and cheerful demeanor melt hearts everywhere we go. We're so proud to be her new parents!

Maggie & Casey Winzeler

We really love Beau.
She is a great Addition to our Family.
Thanks again.

Terry & Lois Morton